24 injured in Taipei train explosion


TAIPEI: At least 24 people were injured following an explosion on a commuter train in Taipei on Thursday night (Jul 7). A Cabinet spokeswoman said Premier Lin Chuan has asked relevant government agencies to form an ad hoc team to investigate, according to local media reports.

According to the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA), the train was at Songshan Railway Station when an explosion was heard from the sixth carriage at about 10pm local time. It subsequently burst into flames.

The cause of the blast and the fire is not yet known, according to TRA.

TRA added that the fire has since been put out. It is also trying to determine the number of passengers who were rescued and evacuated from the scene. Among the injured, 21 have been taken to various local hospitals, TRA said in an update on Facebook. Three sought medical attention on their own, according to a report by Taiwan’s Central News Agency.

According to Central News Agency, National Police Agency director-general Chen Kuo-en said police found explosives measuring 15cm to 20cm on the seat of the carriage. He added that police found an object resembling a firecracker and have taken it for investigations.

The report also said eyewitnesses saw a man in his 40s leaving a “long” object in the carriage before he exited. According to the Central News Agency report, other passengers also said they saw a man leave a black luggage bag in the carriage before the blast.

Source: CNA