BREAKING NEWS: Shots fired at shopping center in Munich, massive police response


Germany: Police in Munich reportedly said they expect “multiple dead” after a shooting spree inside a city shopping center, prompting a massive police response and an intense manhunt for possible suspects.

There were no official reports of injuries but Germany’s dpa news agency reported that police are saying “we expect multiple dead.”

Munich police said there appears to be at least one suspect, but authorities would not confirm if any suspects are in custody or on the loose.

“Many shots were fired, I can’t say how many but it’s been alot,” an employee at the mall told NTV, according to Reuters. “All the people from outside came streaming into the storeand I only saw one person on the ground who was so severelyinjured that he definitely didn’t survive.”

The Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall in the northern part of Munich is not far from the city’s Olympic Stadium in the Moosach district of the Bavarian capital.

City police alerted the public that there is a large police operation, and asked that people avoid the area around the shopping center.

Law enforcement officers are responding in large numbers. German media say multiple people are injured.

It’s the second attack in Germany in less than a week. On Monday, a 17-year-old Afghan wounded four people in an ax-and-knife attack on a regional train near the Bavarian city of Wuerzburg, and another woman outside as he fled. All survived, although one man from the train remains in life-threatening condition. The attacker was shot and killed by police.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the train attack, but authorities have said the teen likely acted alone.

The Munich Transportation Authorities said it halted service on multiple train, tram and bus lines after the shooting,

Source: Reuters