Israeli Navy missile ships down vessel from long-range


The Israeli Navy’s Missile Boats Flotilla on Thursday finished an extensive two-week training exercise, which culminated in the launch of two anti-ship Harpoon missiles at a decommissioned Israeli missile boat.

M2 M1M01

Capt. Ziv Rom, commander of the Navy’s Third Flotilla described the exercise:”This scenario took place on the northern front, where we located an enemy vessel and destroyed it as quickly as possible.”

Rom said that all of the flotillas ships were taken out to sea during the two week exercise and drilled on all possible scenarios: providing help to the ground forces, operations on the coast and operations deep in enemy territory.

The Harpoon is considered the most advanced missile in the Navy’s arsenal, with its own radar that could identify the target and hone in on it during flight until hitting it.

During the training, which was done as part of a wide-scale annual IDF exercise, the forces drilled different naval warfare scenarios while collaborating with Air and Ground forces. But the launch of a real missile at a ship simulating an enemy vessel is considered unusual in the IDF, mostly because of the high costs of the weapon systems.

Source: Jerusalem Post