Being senator, boxer maybe too much for Pacquiao’ “Freddie Roach”


It is no secret that Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao always has his plate full. But this time he just might be spreading himself too thin.

From being a full-time legislator, a playing-coach of a professional basketball team, and a prize fighter, Pacquiao has always managed to keep busy.

But after the shock defeat at the hands of Jeff Horn in Brisbane on Sunday morning, all of the the 38-year old Filipino pugilist’s activities could finally be taking a noticeable toll on him.

In fact, long-time trainer Freddie Roach feels that it might be time for Pacquiao to finally throw in the towel on his storied career.

“I’m going to have a long talk with him over that (retirement), you know,” Roach said after the loss to Horn. “I think maybe being a senator, being a fighter, both is maybe too much.”

In the build-up to the fight in Australia, Pacquiao would find a way to fulfill his duties as a senator and work in a couple of hours at the gym with Roach and the rest of his team.

But even if the eight division champion found time to put in the work, the quality was lacking.

“You know we didn’t have enough time in training camp,” Roach admitted. “The beginning of the training camp was not so well, the sparring was bad.”

Roach did concede that training camp went a lot better once Senate went on recess, and Pacquiao relocated to his home town of General Santos City.

According to the renowned boxing trainer, it was “a lot easier because he (Pacquiao) had only one job.”

Pacquiao has yet to announce his future plans as a boxer.

  • cnnph